Mountain Journey

Too far now, from the flat plains below, the mountains creep up to the sky.

The train launches up to Lapstone, placing the city on a board far below.

Still the track winds upwards, leaving die-straight gums behind, filled with knee-high scrub and framed by steep rock cliffs.

Carving a path through humps of sandstone, dribbling red smears of iron rust through the roots of long grey grasses scrabbling for purchase.

Under the brick bridge then to burst out again in the westering light that casts long shadows pointing toward Lithgow.

Glenbrook trickles in, a relief of brick and fibro and tile after the wild cliffs and crevasses of the park.

Walled by pocked sandstone, its golden glow stained by dark run off and chipped and cracked, and extending as the tracks brother, sometimes rising, sometimes falling as the silver can shoots through.

A gash through the greenery slides into view as the tar ribbons of Blaxland approach. Neat lawns and cosy homes perch on either side of the twins of transport, track and highway, pushing on up the rise.

Dark ahead and winding through scattered lights the track goes on.


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Eventually, I realised that for my purposes, running standalone server software was a pain. Much easier to let somebody else worry about security, patches etc.

Leura Fleuralia Festival

This weekend (10th & 11th) is the local Fleuralia fair, where Leura closes off its main street and opens up the formal gardens to visitors. Worth a look.

The following details were lifted from:

“Fleuralia and Village Fair”

The famous Leura Gardens Spring Festival from October 4th to October the 12th will showcase nine spectacular gardens open to the public and in aid of charity. The gardens are open from 9.30am to 4.30pm. For more information contact Frank Spolc on 4757 2539. Tickets for the Open Gardens can be acquired from the Leura and Blue Mountains Visitors Centre which is located at the top of “The Mall” in Leura. For more details contact Jacqui or David Clark on 47841404. The village of Leura’s famous “Fleuralia” and Village Fair concludes the Festival on the weekend of October 11th and 12th.

Cheap TLD domain registrar

If you are looking for a fairly full featured and inexpensive domain registrar for .com, .net and .org names, try

The killer for me was their email obscufation in the whois record, which allows me to minimise spam.

At the time of writing they are $US10 p.a. with transfers at $US7.99.

Within a dollar or so of the cheapest I’ve seen, and they do free mail redirects etc.

Source for Stock photos

After being impressed with and Getty Images for royalty free photos, I’ve stumbled on

As Shannon from Macresq says:

Working on a project and need a royalty free stock photo? If you want

quality, but you don’t want to spend a bunch of cash per photo, check out Here, you can purchase thousands of photos for just 50

cents each. If you’re a photographer, you can upload your pics and get

paid 10 cents for each download. As a user, just buy “credits” for 50

cents each, in $10 increments. Then you can download to your heart’s

content for a tiny fraction of the price at other Stock Photo sites.

Check it out, I think you’ll like it:

Nifty, and an example of “why didn’t I think of that?”

All about Erlangs

If you are doing work on switched circuits, like a trunked phone system, there will be discussion of the probability of end to end blocking and various other traffic quality measurements. Sooner or later Erlangs will be mentioned and it will be handy to know they are the unit of measurement of line use per hour (100% utilisation = 1Erlang).

For an out standing explanation, check out: